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Personal Trainer

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Avoid the masses.

Who is Dan Harris?

About me

Since becoming a qualified Personal Trainer, I've worked and trained as a fitness professional in commercial gyms, health and fitness centres, bodybuilding style complexes and country clubs. 

I have over six years of experience in health and fitness; spending hundreds of hours training clients on a one-to-one basis on the gym floor. With my experience, and through the knowledge I’ve gained, I have now built my own gym in which to train my clients and pass on what I have learnt.

My Gym

I first stepped foot in a gym over eight years ago and have since spent thousands of hours (and pounds) trying and testing all the different styles of equipment that are available. I have now designed and built a gym of my own, equipping it with the bits of kit that I know work best for reaching ones fitness goals; be it wanting to reduce body fat, gain muscle mass, improve body composition or to become more functional. 

Everyone has their own goals, and I have the means and the knowledge to help you achieve them.

My Ethos

Fitness to me, is about implementing positive lifestyle changes that can be sustained indefinitely. As well as training my clients, I strive to educate and teach them the fundamentals of health and fitness, giving them the understanding they need to implement these changes in their day to day living.
Individuals that seek Personal Training are those that aspire to introduce change into their lives, for the better. If you wish to begin that change today, it all starts with a message.


A Trainer you can Trust

Any PT worth his salt will tell you that one of the most important traits to be an exceptional trainer is accountability. When you sign up with me, one thing I can promise is that I'll be by your side throughout the entirety of your fitness journey and will do everything to help you achieve your goals. We begin with a consultation, where we talk about what it is specifically you wish to gain from Personal Training. We will also discuss your current health and fitness levels, covering any concerns you may have. Providing all goes to plan, I would then advise on the most effective route going forward and would design you a personalised fitness programme specifically tailored to your goal, taking all we discussed into consideration.

As a Personal Trainer, the most important thing is that I am constantly striving to meet the needs and expectations of my clients. Because of this, my spaces are very limited, and I have a set number of clients that I wish to maintain. If you are interested in signing up, contact me today.


More than just a gym

A Private Place to Train

What I have built is not the usual home gym garage conversion. It is a modern, comfortable building, equipped with new, state of the art equipment that I have tried and tested meticulously. It is ambient, bright and open; has heating (when needed) as well as toilet and shower facilities.

In my experience of working in many different styles of gyms, and with a vast array of diverse clients, I have come to realise that one of the biggest concerns with starting any fitness journey, is walking into that gym for the first time. Unfortunately, anxiety is a huge factor for many of us, which is why my goal was to create a space in which I can train my clients privately, teaching them the importance of health and fitness, without the overwhelming five o'clock free-for-all, and having to wait twenty minutes for a machine. I chose to become a Personal Trainer to help people reach their desired fitness goals, and in turn, help them grow their confidence. 


Let's start your fitness journey today, together.

  • Extremely competitive on price - no costly gym membership to pay ( train with someone else, and share the cost )
  • Fully qualified
  • Fully insured